My Home And Outher Things in My Life Like The Sex Abuse scandle That Was In SA Adelaide ( While We Were All Kids IN THE CARE Of THE SA Goverment ) Inquiry Into State Care SA Australia
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August 29, 2008 by kymbrickie
Disability is Not a Scary Word by Mr. Kym. D.  May.As I’am Also currently dealing with various mental and physical illnesses and Iam also finding it hard to fit in with society.Why are people so afraid of these People who do have Disabilities? I Have Also lost the use off  Right Knew, Plus Broken Spine In Two Places L3 L4 L5 L6, Also I Had My Neck Brocken Plus They Had To Take Out 9/10 Of my Stomach, Plus they Had to Pin my Right Wrist At 15 Degree angle And P...